welcome to intuitive solutions

Where dreams take flight

Once upon a time, a band of corporate trailblazers dared to dream differently. Driven by a shared passion for social good, they joined forces to create the Intuitive Solutions Mission Incubator. 

Their mission? To support and catapult social good ideas into a realm of positive impact.

Strategy as capacity

Strategic Planning: Long-term success is no accident. Collaborate with us to map out strategies aligned with your mission. Our magic ensures your organization runs like a well-oiled machine.

Organizational Assessment and Development: In a world that never stops evolving, we keep you ahead of the curve. Our team dissects your organization, identifies strengths, and pumps up the volume on areas for growth. Get ready to level up!

funding as capacity

Fundraising Strategy and Management: Time to fuel your initiative! Our fundraising maestros will help you craft compelling narratives, design foolproof fundraising plans, and connect with the patrons who matter most.

Campaign Planning & Management: Let's make your message echo far and wide! Our wizards of strategy craft impactful campaigns, tailor-made for your goals. From planning to execution, we're here to ensure your cause is the talk of the town.

training as capacity

People Development: Elevate your team's superpowers with tailored training programs, workshops, and coaching sessions. Leadership, teamwork, and communication skills? We've got it covered!

Fund Development Professional Training: Our superheroes don't just wear capes; they also train your fund development professionals. From grant writing, campaign planning, fundraising planning, board empowerment, we arm them with the training and tools to fund your dreams.

people as capacity

Intuitive InWorker℠ Program: Need an extra set of hands? Our skilled professionals become an extension of your team, injecting the extra dose of superhero power you need to thrive.

Your Dedicated Performance Coach: Strong relationships power success stories. Your Performance Coach is your partner, collaborating closely with you to ensure a partnership that's as smooth as it is successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we, and what do we do?

We are Intuitive Solutions, a dynamic team of passionate problem-solvers. Our mission is to empower nonprofits, social enterprises, and individuals with innovative solutions to accelerate social good.

What is our philosophy at Intuitive Solutions? 

At Intuitive Solutions, we believe that "People > Profit." We dream of a world where everyone values the well-being of people over mere financial gains.

Which industries do we serve at Intuitive Solutions?

We serve nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and individuals in leadership positions. 

How do we support nonprofit organizations?

Our solutions encompass strategy and planning, integration, streamlined operations, capacity solutions, messaging, and public narratives. We aim to enable nonprofits to focus on making a positive impact in the communities they serve. 

How do we empower individuals in leadership positions? 

At Intuitive Solutions, we recognize the unique challenges faced by individuals in leadership roles. Our solutions are designed to provide specialized support to help them achieve their goals effectively. From training and personal development to capacity building.  

What is the D.E.B.I. method we use in our strategy work? 

Our D.E.B.I. method is a dynamic and result-oriented approach that delivers tangible outcomes in three critical areas: Develop, Execute, Build, and Implement. 

How do we increase the capacity of individuals in social good through Intuitive Institute? 

Our D.E.B.I. method is a dynamic and result-oriented approach that delivers tangible outcomes in three critical areas: Develop, Execute, Build, and Implement. 
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