A Strategic Plan is a "living" document outlining the organization's vision, mission, core values, objectives, procedures, activities, and programs. It will feature some, if not all, the crucial activities, programs, and initiatives the organization considers implementing. Also, the strategic plan will have performance indicators to measure and evaluate planned objectives. A Strategic plan will determine exactly where your organization is going over the next few years and how it’s going to get there. A Strategic Plan that is well communicated and implemented will increase your organization's productivity, culture, empowerment, and effectiveness.

How we help:

  • Designing and facilitating the various elements of the planning process
  • Securing input from diverse stakeholders through focus groups, key informant interviews, and surveys
  • Identifying and helping to compile information that informs the planning process
  • Designing and facilitating the decision-making process, typically some form of retreat
  • Drafting overall directions and goals
  • Working with your leadership to define strategies and timeframes
  • Defining measures and the process to monitor progress
  • Writing the plan – or editing your draft of the plan

Our approach emphasizes collaboration, dialogue, success and implementation.

Where Intuitive will support your organization and why?

Intuitive Solutions was founded in 2002. We are a global team on a mission to help nonprofits and community centers get closer to achieving their mission and on a pathway towards greater impact. We imagine a world where everyone is working together for social good. We are on a mission to innovate models, build capacity, and sustain growth for greater impact.

Stanford Social Innovation Review calls it “the nonprofit starvation cycle.” This starvation cycle, as researcher’s Ann Gregory and Don Howard say, is so vicious it’s leaving nonprofits so hungry for decent infrastructure that they can barely function as organizations—let alone serve their beneficiaries.

Intuitive Solutions has been helping nonprofits break out of the starvation cycle with better strategy, sustainable systems, and installing resources. Since our founding, we have been supporting organizations with the development of Strategic Plans, the essential starting point for any organization to achieve sustainability and reach greater impact.

To help you see your core competency.
So you know what strength to build on.
To Re-craft your Vision, Mission, and uncover your theory of change.

So you and your constituency know where you’re headed, how, and why.

To restructure your team.

So you have Faces in the Right places.

To organize your programs.

So you can focus on building excellence.

To present funding models.

So you can make sure your mission and your organization is financially sustainable.


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