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YOur Partner in Capacity Building

At Intuitive Grant-Making Services, our mission is clear: empower and strengthen non-profit organizations through tailored grant-making solutions. We recognize the uniqueness of each organization, and our commitment is to provide comprehensive, flexible services aligned with their distinct needs.

Our Approach: Bridging Gaps, Optimizing Capabilities

Our adaptable models cater to various organizational requirements, overseeing the entire grant-making process or enhancing specific components. We focus on bridging gaps and optimizing grant-seeking capabilities to fortify your organization.

Grant Surveying

Our Grant Surveyor service strategically identifies potential funders aligned with your mission and goals. We curate a comprehensive list, complete with essential details and a grant calendar to track deadlines and opportunities.

Grant Program Readiness Assessment 

A holistic evaluation of your organization's preparedness for grant acquisition. Beyond collecting essential documents, this assessment provides insights and actionable recommendations to ensure a robust foundation for grant success.

Grant Acquisition Service

A meticulous approach to securing grant opportunities. We identify gaps in your grant application portfolio, craft tailored proposals, and manage the entire application process for a higher success rate.

Grant Compliance Service

Navigate intricate compliance requirements post-acquisition with our Grant Compliance Service. We provide end-to-end support, ensuring adherence to guidelines and fostering positive relationships with funders for future opportunities.


Our continuous service for consistent grant success. From surveying to compliance, our subscription ensures organizations are always grant-ready. Benefit from a streamlined approach, expert guidance, and the assurance of ongoing preparedness.


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