Work process



Have you ever walked up a flight of stairs, or down a flight of stairs holding a cup of tea or coffee on a saucer? And as you walked up the stairs, you stared at the cup, and you imagined all the different possible scenarios where the cup fell – and as you imagined the different possibilities of the cup falling you, then changed how you walked. Maybe you walked slower, maybe you walked closer to the rail, because the wood boards on the stairs were more secure and not creaking – And as you continued to adjust your speed, as you continued to adjust your position, as you continued to hold the saucer closer to your body or farther from your body, you continued to imagine all the possible scenarios of the cup falling, spilling or making it to the top of the stair case. And if you could just get to the top of the staircase, WOW! You’d be like man! I made it!

That view in your mind, that imagination of every possible scenario of the cup falling is VISION. That’s vision. And every time you shifted your speed, your arms’ positioning, where and how you’re walking, that’s STRATEGY being implemented. And each one step is the TACTICS and the adjustments to the tactics.

To be a STRATEGIST, you have to have vision, and you have to imagine the top of the stairs as success. And as part of success, vision includes each step as a successful step. And each step is a successful step because not a single drop of the coffee or tea spills. And as you’re thinking about the different scenarios, you’re deciding what you should do different – that’s strategy. And as you finalize your decision, and implement it, that’s execution. That’s your brain imagining every step taken towards the future state, communicating possible scenarios and shifts that need to be decided on that get implemented, that’s vision, that’s strategy, that’s execution and that’s tactics.