Empowering Nonprofits through Philanthropic Films

Intuitive PHilms is dedicated to creating powerful and impactful video productions exclusively for nonprofits. Our passion lies in harnessing the art of public narrative storytelling to craft emotionally engaging films that inspire support and drive meaningful action. With Intuitive PHilms by your side, your organization's vision will come to life, making a genuine difference in the world.

At Intuitive PHilms, we break free from the mold of typical video production companies. We have a special focus on delivering concise and impactful video production services tailored exclusively to nonprofits. Our approach is unlike any other, as we repurpose existing content while drawing from the best practices of filmmaking, fundraising, and marketing. By employing the powerful public narrative framework, we craft your philanthropic film to resonate deeply with your audience, eliciting the desired response you seek.

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Our Work