Who We Are


The Corporate Runaways Coming Together

We were a scattered group of people stuck in big companies. We all had one feeling; we want to make the world better. So we escaped from the corporate world leaving behind everything but our skills and experiences. Together, we went on a journey towards a better world by supporting high performing mission-driven organizations to reach the finish line!

We are a passionate band of do-gooders brought together by a dream of improving the human condition.

A team of go-getters applying their superpowers in helping brands increase their mission’s impact.

Guided by nonprofit management principles & decades of proven excellence, we live at the intersection of Strategy & Execution.

Our dream is helping you make the world a better place through your mission.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to innovate models, build capacity, and sustain growth for greater impact

Our Vision

We imagine a world where everyone is working together for social good


We believe that supporters are partners. Deepening the roots will strengthen the partnership.

At Intuitive Solutions, we design all activities to be supporter centric. This means that we install strategies, systems and tactical plans to understand supporters, their interests, their preferences and dreams of a better world.

The result? You will take the right ask, for the project at the right time to each supporter.

When done right, your audience will be compelled to continue partnering with you.

We don’t just tell you that your tie doesn’t match your shirt. We roll up our sleeves and help you record, measure, track and tweak…all to strengthen the roots of partnership with your supporters.

Let us help you build partnerships with your supporters!

The Team

Tayyab Yunus

CEO and Founder
Social Entrepreneur & People Developer

Karishma Patel

Chief Operating Officer

Monica Niro

Senior Development & Operations Manager

Andrea Gonzalez

Operations Manager – Inworker Team

Cathy Lou Mondigo

Operations Manager

Kristine Ouano

Operations Manager