It is through programs that a non-profit achieves results and executes its mission

Intuitive Program development services will help you develop and install structured, comprehensive, and measurable programs that will bring your mission to life!

Why programs are essential to your mission

  • Do you have a community problem you want to solve and the drive to make change happen but need a strong, measurable, fundable program?
  • Are you experiencing an institutional issue you want to address but are unsure how to develop a program to attack it in an impactful way?
  • Have your programs become outdated, boring and not as effective as you would like them to be? We work closely with your partner to design and install programs specific to you and your unique journey, needs and mission.
  • Our programs will not only achieve results but will strengthen your case for support and obtain grants, sponsorships and donations.

How our programs team can support your Non Profit:


Program evaluation


Program planning and design


Program installment


Program SOPs


Professional training and upskilling

Let Intuitive help you develop and help install structured programs that are comprehensive and measurable that will bring your mission to life!