Is this the CURRENT state of affairs with your organization?


Not finding the time to engage with your Key supporters


Your Board is struggling or hesitant to participate in fundraising


Stuck with figuring out who your key supporters are


Don’t understand how to inspire donors to support your mission


Lack of human capacity to invest in donor relationships


Need the skills and confidence to flip gifts from transactional to transformative?


Constantly finding yourself running a hustle to fundraise

Intuitive Solutions can help YOU be successful. We dive into all of the details with you so that you and your team are working with a qualified donor pool that has a revenue goal and a strategy attached to every donor on your portfolio. We have years of experience developing and executing robust Major Gift Programs and Mid level engagement teams to steward, cultivate, renew and upgrade your donors. We give your team the knowledge, confidence, and tools to succeed.

How our Major Gifts and Donor Engagement team can support your Nonprofit:

  • Increased retention rates
  • Grow your Major donor pool
  • Identify, cultivate, and upgrade Mids
  • Research key relationship
  • Strengthen the bond between mission and donors
  • Install easy processes for Board Engagement
  • Get them to make introductions
  • Involve them in prospecting
  • Teach them how to overcome the hesitation and fear
  • Turn supporters into Ambassadors
  • Make the perfect pitch
  • Install the 8 Step Management Cycle
  • Additional skilled capacity
  • Sustainability through a Snap-On-Major Gifts team

Our Services


Identify your donors and segments through data analysis


Portfolio Builds through your CRM


Train and Coach your existing Board, Gifts Officers and Donor Engagement Teams


Provide additional Human Capacity to support your Major Gifts and Donor Engagement Teams

Fuel the economic engine for your mission – Your Donors!

Let us help you install and execute a well-designed Major Gifts and Donor Engagement program for your supporters that will strengthen your relationships, educate your constituency, get them involved, touch their hearts, inspire them to be generous, and motivate them to do something meaningful to change the world – perhaps something even greater than they themselves had imagined they could ever do.