Data Services

We understand the valuable impact of your organization, and we want to help you enhance it through our Data managing services. By addressing your data needs we will help you become more organized, and efficient, and make the right decisions to generate more funding.


  • Data clean-up
  • Data append (Accurate Append)
  • DRM audit and recommendation
  • Data Analysis
  • Web and DRM Integration
  • Database Mapping
  • Reporting and automation


  • Monthly data clean-up
  • Monthly DRM maintenance
  • Monthly Data Analysis



Data clean-up

We can help by identifying and fixing incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant, and duplicate records to keep your dataset free of errors.


Data append

Our system uses your existing data records to find matches in global databases, then we will use those new records to fill the gaps in your data. The new data can be used to implement campaigns that help your fundraising.


DRM Audit & Recommendation

We evaluate your organization’s needs and what is currently being used to keep your data; based on our findings we will provide you with the DRM recommendation that best fits you.


Data Analysis

We will inspect, clean, and organize your data into Donor Segments and Giving Levels for your organization so that you can make informed decisions, create strategies, and perform targeted outreach.


DRM maintenance

We will audit your DRM data periodically in order to make sure it is free of erroneous data so that you can rely on it.


Database Mapping

If you are using several platforms to manage your data, store donations, and send communications we will make sure that all your apps are interconnected and working properly.


Web and DRM Integration

Either if you have a DRM, or you’re looking to be onboarded to a new DRM, we can facilitate its integration to your website by using recommended tools. It will save you time and facilitate overall reporting.


Reporting & automation

We can save you time by automating and setting up reports within your existing DRM or Data management tool.

Contact our data analysis heros to get more information about how we can help you in achieving your fundraising goals and moving your mission forward