Creative Experiences Services

We specialize in ensuring every touch point with your constituents is intentional and impactful! Whether it’s a booth space at a conference, a donor lunch-in, or a full scale gala, we take a data centered approach to leveraging special events to further the mission of for our nonprofit partners.

Our Services

Solving the fundraising problem, through data driven strategies.

Event Strategy

We develop curated strategies and creative programming to crystalize a calendar of events, tied to data-driven outcomes for your nonprofit to grow your base and active fundraising so that each touch point is intentional


Donor Lunch-ins

We design and manage all logistics for your small donor events like donor salons, lunch-ins, and invite only dinners. From planning to execution, we take on event management of these donor series, building capacity for your teams to focus on what matters most, stewarding your donors.


Workshops, Panels, Sessions

We build impactful series centered on your mission, like workshops and panels at conferences, community centers, schools, and religious centers. We strategize story-telling and manage all your logistics. From planning to execution, we take on event management of these workshop series.


Team Retreats

We streamline the opportunity for you teams to connect and build by white-gloving Team Retreats. From planning to logistics, we provide event management of your Team Retreat



We connect you to opportunities to build your base through event sponsorship. We provide strategy and logistical support in ensuring you capture the guests attention


Booths and Tabling

We design and execute on strategy for your booth and/or tabling event, ensuring research based practices are captured


Talent Management

We orchestrate talent communications, availability, negotiations, contract, and liase logistical operations for event talent and/or influencer outreach and commitments. We ensure the talent is aware of event program and in alignment with your event goals holding any necessary briefings.


Event Management

We can save you time by automating and setting up reports within your existing DRM or Data management tool.

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