We strive to unlock leadership potential by minimizing or eliminating administrative burden. The relationship is designed to free executive capacity from carrying out tactical, administrative and executional tasks.

Intuitive Solutions is helping leaders dream again by assigning skilled human talent that is dedicated to creating capacity for your mission and team. If this wasn’t enough, imagine all InWorkers as a global community of peers teaching, learning and sharing best practices to further the impact we are all creating.

Our secret sauce? InWorker Relationship Architects:

Think of Relationship Architects as your HR coach. Relationship Architects are people developers at heart. They are obsessed with unlocking areas of professional development and growth. While some call them Super Awesome MatchMakers, they are human beings like you and I who pride themselves in finding the right match for your organization’s needs. The Relationship Architect is your partner in continually unlocking new levels of impact from your InWorker for your mission.

Talent acquisition

Executive Assistant: Imagine your day is spent creating visions, imagineering ideas, leading, inspiring and growing your business without being bogged down by administrative burdens. This is a reality for many leaders through an InWorker Executive Assistant. The Executive Assistant will unlock your leadership potential by freeing your mind from email, calendar and time management along with drafting memos, meeting minutes, follow up, follow thru on projects to name a few.


  • More available time to invest in strategy creation
  • Gaining a partner to take care of clerical tasks that steal your capacity
  • Focus on execution of strategies to move your organization forward
  • Have someone taking care of all correspondence that would spend your time
  • Focus on team building and active communication rather than scheduling meetings and taking notes

Donor Engagement:

You want to inspire the hearts and minds of your supporters but just aren’t able to find the time to engage with them. An InWorker will help your mission invest in donor development by researching each assigned relationship, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding via carefully designed journey touchpoints.


  • Increased donor retention
  • Stronger relationships with donors
  • Active fundraising throughout the year
  • Reliable data entry
  • Constant access to donations reporting
  • Empathetic staff who will spread kindness among your donors

Operations Associate / Project Manager

Do you feel like your organization has amazing ideas that just don’t come to fruition? Do you wish that you had a secret weapon that can convert ideas into plans? InWorker Project Managers are skilled in extracting SMART objectives from ideas and producing tactical plans. InWorker Project Managers are researching what’s needed, putting a plan together, building whats needed, chasing everyone down and making sure everything is done on time swiss army knife that every organization needs.


  • Achieve project goals while meeting deadlines
  • Have someone to oversee your projects and help you delegate
  • Get updated reports on project status
  • Focus on decision making for the project, let someone else take care of chasing team members
  • Have representation in every team meeting and review sessions
  • Having someone to always support and inspire your team

Fundraising and Development Associates (CFRM)

Do you feel like fundraising is a constant hustle? An InWorker CFRM will help install a management structure while possessing the skills needed to help engage and develop donors over time.


  • Create and manage a fundraising program
  • Use research to match donor’s interests to your mission and programs
  • Organize and build a major gifts program
  • Help volunteers overcome their resistance to solicitation
  • Define the roles of board members, staff and volunteers in development
  • Build Annual budgets, fundraising plans, gift range charts and stewardship plans for effective development work


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